There are about 18 Animal Welfare Parties around the world. We ought to support our local AWP. Below is the UK Party. It costs very little to join.

Animal Welfare Party gains first representative in UK.

Alsager, Cheshire: Animal Welfare Party has today gained its first representative in the UK when Alsager town councillor, Jane Smith switched parties from the Green Party to AWP.

At midday today, Smith, a serving councillor on Alsager Town Council in Cheshire made history when she announced her decision to switch from the Green Party to Animal Welfare Party, effectively becoming AWP’s first representative in the UK.

Smith, who has served on the council since 2015 and who runs Compassion in World Farming’s Cheshire group said in a statement “I have made this decision because I believe it is important that we begin to acknowledge and address the inherent unfairness of our human-centric decision making bodies. Although the step I take today may appear small, I believe it is of huge symbolic significance.”
“We share our world and our natural resources with so many other species,” she added, “and it is only right and fair that those other animals and their habitats are properly represented and considered in our decision making.”

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