The Pope’s Encyclical Laudato Si shows love for creation. May we in turn show appreciation and respect for creation in all our actions.

In the light of the Pope’s  Encyclical Laudato  Si, we pray for the grace  to recognize our duty to respect creation, so that we cause as little harm as possible to other creatures.

Lord, help us to be a good neighbor to any creature in need.

Help us to live without causing any harm to any creature.

Help us to be more aware of how our lifestyles can affect other creatures

The following two prayers were suggested by my bishop, Rt. Rev. Peter Doyle:-

Lord, grant us the grace to be aware of how much the way in which we live our lives affects the whole of creation for better or for worse.

Lord, deepen in us a love and respect for all God’s creatures and help us to exercise our responsibility as stewards of God’s creation.


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