In Genesis 1:26-28 we are told that God created mankind in his own image to rule over the earth. The words chosen by the writers of Genesis reflect their attitude and their experience. They could plainly see that mankind was the dominant species and they made that plain in God’s words to Adam and Eve […]

In October 2017, I emailed all the Apostolic Nuncios (Pope’s representatives) around the world, asking them to write to the Pope concerning condemning the bullfight. The few who did not have an email address I wrote to by airmail at the beginning of this month. Not one has replied to me. I shall continue to […]

There are many different versions of the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament. If God dictated every word of the Bible, which version is the one dictated by God? It is impossible to know. Changes occurred during constant copying and re-copying of Bible manuscripts by scribes, and during constant translating and translating back again, and […]

Published in the Catholic Times UK newspaper, 19-08-2016 During this holiday season British tourists will be among spectators at bullfights, thus helping to ensure the continuation of this violent and cruel activity. The bullfight is the ritual torturing to death of bulls in the guise of entertainment. It is a spectacle of butchery and barbarity […]